Yes, honey.  Passport Required

Quick questions, answered.


Turmeric Trails offers an insider guide to tasting India's foods, arts, visual and some performing arts from the comfort of being part of a small group, where we all know each other, or quickly will. It would be irresponsible to promise something we cant do. It is a group of people who travel respectful of each other and towards the culture they are about to visit.


Turmeric Trails does not, and will not encourage straying from the group to indulge in activities that are not included in the itinerary.

Vital details:

  • Passport: Yes

  • Visa: Possibly

  • Insurance: Good idea - or, never a bad idea.

  • Vaccines: Good idea - or, never a bad idea.


  • You check your calendar, and talk to me about your dates and region you want to visit.

  • You purchase your airfare on your choice of airline, class etc. and also the first nights' stay at a nearby airport hotel (I can help you navigate those selections). This way you can also take advantage of any stopovers in Europe if you wish to maximize your travel dollars.

  • You book your visit with me, include group size. Groups will be limited to 5-6 guests. I calculate cost of our local excursions - including local travel, local stay, destinations, activities etc. We settle payment for this portion.

Turmeric Trail experiences include:

  • Cooking Lessons. Depending on the region, guests will experience cooking with locals - and may even be able receive hands on instruction.

  • Food. Depending on the region, you will experience regional fare - and each has its own richness.

  • Visits with local artisans & crafts people. Depending on the region it can range from local pottery, tye-and-dye, block printing, hand-crafted art, etc.

  • Focussed agri-tourism when available. Depending on the region, it can range from tea estates, rice mills, small-industry visits, etc.

  • Half day nature excursions when available

  • Ayurveda is a large part of India - seen in many aspects. Nearly every day, guests will experience and learn about the benefits of this discipline, a lifestyle shift that is common in India.

  • Guest visiting West India may be able to experience holistic spas, and meet with practitioners for a one-on-one consultation in Pune. These are outside vendors, who are not affiliated with Turmeric Trails.

My role?

  • Culinary Guide.

  • Cultural Guide.

  • Language Interpreter (in most cases)

  • Shopping Guide (++)

Bring your own:

  • Luggage & shopping bags

  • Meds (keep in carry on) Doctors are easy to find, but may not have your meds.

  • Money. Credit cards work in most places for purchases. Small vendors take cash only.

  • Emotional Support Soft Toy, if you so need.

More questions:


All content on this site is (c) Nandita Godbole, dba Curry Cravings (TM) LLC. 2018-2025 No material may be copied, screenshot or derived from this site in any manner.

All artisans and craftspeople, speakers and experts who share their time and talent with us during your visit to India will be fairly compensated. Rest assured, no one will be short-changed.

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