At Turmeric Press, we create books that you want to hang on to, read and re-read, admire for their words, and perhaps hand it down to your loved ones after you've read it many times over. We create books of lasting value.

Some are digital productions only (in a variety of reading formats), while others are available both as print and digital books.

And, we dont mind the books being dog-eared in a few months time, it means they have been loved.

Nandita Godbole

Nandita loves to cook, to eat and to document memories. She writes about food as she remembers it, about the stuff that she cant find in books.

A global name now, Nandita has written two cookbooks, created several smaller digital cookbooks for her special readers, and is working on her family memoir that combines all that she loves, in one book.

When she is not writing, she is thinking about it.

Not For You
Family Narratives of Denial & Comfort Foods
Book One
Love. Marriage. Denial. Crisis. Fear. Abandonment. Determination. Food. Comfort. Home.
Johari-ba, Ratanlal and Shanta, Damodar and Pearl, Thakor and Mani, Shaku and Bandu, Ana and Ravi lived in different eras, in different parts of the Indian subcontinent. Their lives intersect together over time. They struggled for identity with a single-minded determination to persevere in the face of denial. They lived, married and bore children, carrying the scars and the stories of the generations before them. What happened when they married, moved and migrated? How did new regions, cuisines or communities influence their food? What stories do their recipes reveal? How did ‘denial’ change them and their definitions of comfort food? What events curated their family’s culinary heritage? Tackling these complex and yet tender questions in her first food fiction and fourth cookbook on Indian food, Not For You: Family Narratives of Denial & Comfort Foods, Nandita shares a heartwarming tale inspired by family lore about conquering public and private versions of ‘denial’ and how food became integral to shaping identities. Through these stories, this book explores and uncovers the origins of comfort foods that have a rightful place on one foodwriter’s 21st century table. Nandita includes narratives across three generations highlighting pivotal moments that influenced interpersonal relationships, reflecting on the dynamic connections between her characters. These stories share how meaningful moments were carved out from mundane events, how one family redefined what was ordinary over extraordinary and what influenced their comfort foods for generations. She pairs these stories with over sixty simple heirloom family recipes for readers keen on an immersive literary and culinary experience.
‘Not For You’ is a two-part novel.
The first book begins in India and takes the readers through several rural geographies. It begins its journey back in time, in the late 19th century, into rural India. It reveals the ordinary lives of peasants and explores how their struggles with the political climate of the region shaped their futures. In this first book, readers will meet the men and women of that time, experience the choices they made and glimpse into how they changed the lives of their children. When they had little or nothing, how did they move forward? How did they raise their children? How did they persevere? The first book spans a period of nearly seventy years and ends just at the cusp of the India’s independence from Britain.
The second book begins in urban India, in the pre-Independence era and follows one of its lead character to the United States, where she settles down.

Crack The Code: Cook Any Indian Meal With Confidence
Nandita Godbole, Foreword by Faye Levy

Do you really know how to use your spices? Or how to create foolproof results? 

This globetrotting information powerhouse has received great reviews from its peers in the cookbook writers community. Read customer reviews for the ebook on Amazon, and look for other reviews by ​more information HERE.


The book is available on all electronic reader platforms, the soft cover may be purchased via Amazon or directly through Nandita's website (same link as above).

"Nandita's recipe-building techniques and her innovative dishes rest on a firm foundation of in-depth knowledge of Indian cookery, so whether you're new to the cuisine or make your own chai blends on a weekly basis, you'll find fresh new insights throughout Crack the Code. Thank you, Nandita, for sharing your wisdom with us! - Lisa Howard, Author 'The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils'Healthier Gluten-Free'

Viha Umashankar

A young author, Viha is a voracious reader with a prolific imagination in Children, YA and YA-Fantasy.


Viha started spinning her own bed-time stories at the age of 5 of wit, valor, confidence and friendships, a theme that continues through her many WIP manuscripts. Although she loves her technology, she prefers to jot down her stories by hand, on paper. In addition to writing, she loves food, photography, travel and dance. She believes they insipre her to see, experience and express life in its many sensory forms.

Dabby & Duck: A Tale of Courage & Friendship
Viha Umashankar
Illustrated by: Nandita Godbole

This inspiring tale of friendship between two unlikely characters: an awkward dragon and a know-it-all duck is a delightful read for young readers. It ties together the simple truth of doing ones best.

This is Viha's debut picture ebook.

estimated: December 2016

format: digital only

Suitable ages: 3-8

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