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Welcome to Turmeric Press, an indie publishing house focused exclusively on fostering the love of heirloom quality content for avid readers. We want to create books that tell good stories, books that will be treasured over time.

Our young company is designed to be a home for author works that fall outside the conventional rigors of larger publishing houses, where sentiment meets precision, where quality of writing meets quality of production, and for authors whose words must be savored slowly, longingly and with care.


Turmeric Press is a full-service vanity press with a-la-carte services. We match your needs with select group of commissioned seasoned professionals: editors suited to specific genre's of writing and writing styles, talented designers and photographers, USA based printers and ofcourse digital marketing individuals and teams to provide the full range of services needed to get your work out to as many readers as possible. You can choose all of these services, or only a few of them. At this time, we have limited marketing capabilities but are happy to help authors chart a course for their promotions.


Like the miracle spice, turmeric, the works represented under Turmeric Press will be just the cure needed: promoting health and wellness, and inspiring goodness in all, through the printed and digital works of yet undiscovered dreamers and thinkers.



Interested authors may send a query to:


Best wishes,

Nandita Godbole

CEO, Turmeric Press




R Umashankar

CFO & Advisor

Turmeric Press:

Telling Stories, Creating Treasures

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